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307 Communication Channels


Questions and problems shall be resolved at the lowest organizational level nearest to the complaint.  School employees shall be responsible for conferring with their immediate supervisor on questions and concerns.  Students and other members of the school district community shall confer with a licensed employee and then with the principal on questions and concerns.

If resolution is not possible by any of the above, individuals may bring it to the attention of the superintendent within 5 school days of their discussion with the principal.  If there is no resolution or plan for resolution by the superintendent within 5 school days of the individual's discussion with the superintendent, the individual may ask to have the question or problem placed on the Board agenda.  The action of the Board will be final.

It shall first be the responsibility of the administrators to resolve questions and problems raised by the employees and the students they supervise and by other members of the school district community.














Legal Reference:         Iowa Code § 279.8 (1995).

Cross Reference:        213     Public Participation in Board Meetings

                                  401.4  Employee Complaints

                                  502.4  Student Complaints and Grievances

                                  504.3  Student Publications

Approved:    1/13/97                                                               Reviewed:        11/98