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905.1 Community Use of School District Buildings & Sites & Equipment

Community Use of District Buildings, Sites, and Equipment

The Estherville Lincoln Central Board of Education adheres to a policy which will encourage wise and careful use of school buildings to the fullest extent, providing the activities conducted or to be conducted are not contrary to public interests as determined by the Board or as provided by the law.

All requests for the use of school facilities shall be made through the Central Office. It is the responsibility of the Central Office to determine whether the school district facility is available and whether the application meets administrative regulations. The administration reserves the right to deny use of the buildings and facilities to any group.

No facility or equipment may be used that conflicts with the school programs.

There shall be three classifications of non-school uses of school facilities.  These have been established for the purpose of determining rental charges and other fees.  If a key is given to any entity, there will be a $100 refundable key deposit charged to any of the groups listed below.

1.         Open Gyms:  The gymnasiums may be opened before and after school hours,

            on weekends and during the summer at the discretion of the superintendent or his             designee.  The school employee opening the gym is responsible for locking it.

            There will be no direct supervision provided and there will be no charge.

2.         General:  Use must be for purposes that are educational, charitable, and/or of         general community interest.  Such events must be open to the public in general  with no admission charged.  A custodian must be present in the building.  There

will be no basic charge except for custodial help above what is regularly assigned
to the building.

3.         Commercial:  All business (public or private) or commercial organizations, which use school buildings, will be considered under this group.  Included will be community and locally sponsored non-community groups requesting the use of school facilities for fund-raising purposes, which are not necessarily devoted to educational, charitable, or community interest activities.  Admission may be charged or contributions received.  Such a group will be charged in accordance with fees approved by the board.

The use of school buildings and other facilities by an organization operated for private gain, or any other purpose involving private gain, shall be permitted only when:


            1.         Such use is sponsored by some organization, which is not operated for

                        private gain;

            2.         Such use will not benefit principally the organization, which is operated

                        for private gain;

            3.         A worthy education, civic, or charitable purpose will be served;

            4.         A substantial group in the community will be benefited;

            5.         Alternative facilities are unavailable or available only at undue cost or


All rentals of the school buildings are handled through the Central Office. A group using any school facilities will be charged for each morning, afternoon, or evening session the facility is used.  Basic charges for heat, lights, and space will be as follows:

                                                                        Open Gym      General            Commercial

Any classroom                                                                            NC                  $ 10.00

Cafeteria or Multipurpose Room w/o kitchen                            NC                     40.00

Cafeteria or Multipurpose Room with kitchen                           NC                     75.00

Any Media Center                                                                      NC                     40.00

Gymnasium                                                            NC               NC                    100.00

Athletic Fields                                                                   NC               NC                    100.00

*The district reserves the right to adjust fees for special circumstances.

Separate and additional charges will be made for cooks and custodial maintenance service:

            1.         There will be no charge for custodial services when the building or room

                        is used for educational purposes, including adult education.


            2.         When school facilities are used for general purposes, if at a time when a

                        custodian is normally on duty and no additional custodial help is needed,

                        there will be no charge.  If used at a time other than when the custodian is

                        normally on duty or additional custodial help is needed, the custodial

                        rate will be at time and a half of the custodian's regular hourly wage, with

a minimum charge of two hours except on Sundays when the custodial contract dictates a double time rate.  The time will start when the employee opens the doors of the building.

            3.         When school facilities are used for commercial purposes, the custodial

                        rate will be $35 per hour, with a minimum charge of two hours.  The time                           will start when the employee opens the doors of the building.

            4.         When kitchen facilities at the high school are used, a cook must be on 

                        duty. The charge will be at the current rate established by the Board.



 Adoption:      7/7/97                 Review:   6/01                         Revision:    5/00

                                                                  10/07                                             12/11