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201 Board of Director's Elections


The election of citizens to the Board takes place on the second Tuesday in November of odd years. . Each bi-annual school election shall be used to elect citizens to the Board to maintain a 5-member board and to address other questions that must be submitted to the voters.

Citizens of the school District community seeking a seat on the Board must file their nomination papers with the Board secretary, or the Board secretary's designee.

If a vacancy occurs on the Board, it may be filled by appointment within thirty days of the vacancy.  The newly appointed board member shall hold the position until the next scheduled school election.

At that time, the appointed Board member may run for a four-year term, if one is available, or run for the remainder of the unexpired term.

If the Board does not fill the vacancy by appointment within thirty days of the vacancy occurring,  the board secretary shall call a special election to be held no sooner than sixty days and not later than seventy days after the vacancy occurred.   Candidates for a seat created by a vacancy must file their nomination papers 25 days before the special election. A Board member elected at the special election shall serve the remaining portion of the unexpired term.

It shall be the responsibility of the county commissioner of elections to conduct school elections.




Legal Reference:     Iowa Code  39; 45; 47-53; 56-57; 69; 274.7; 277; 278.1                                                                      (1995).



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