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902.5 Public Solicitations/Advertising in the Schools



Educational facilities, teachers, and students shall not be used in any manner for the promotion of sale of services or products offered by agencies or organizations that operate for profit.  The board of directors specifically forbids the following:

  1. Distribution by students of pamphlets urging students, parents, and others to purchase services or products sold for profit;
  2. Sale by students or teachers of products or services, except in relation to production by students as part of the program;
  3. Similar activities that would involve teachers’ and/or students’ time and interfere with the normal schedules and activities of the school.

Specifically exempted from the provisions of this policy shall be a student insurance program and musical instrument display night.

When the board of directors and the superintendent of schools feel that the educational gain outweighs any promotional purpose, prior approval for an activity may be granted by the Board.

Organizations and Charities

The public school system shall cooperate with community organizations in helping them forward activites which enrich the experiences of children.  Such cooperation may take the forms outlined below.

  1. School-Related Organizations:  With the approval of the superintendent, these organizations may use school bulletin boards and may send notices home with children regarding their activities, i.e. PTA.
  2. Youth-Oriented Nonprofit Organizations:  With the superintendent’s approval, these organizations may use bulletin boards to disseminate information.  Staff members will not be asked to distribute or collect application blanks or other forms, i.e. Scouts, Little League.


Approved:    5/01                 Reviewed:  10/07                          Revised: