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702 Cash in School Buildings


The amount of cash that may be kept in the school building for any one day shall be sufficient for that day's operations.  Funds raised by students shall be kept in the building office for a maximum of one day and then deposited in the authorized depository of the school district.

A minimal amount of cash shall be kept in the central administration office at the close of the day.  Excess cash shall be deposited in the authorized depository of the school district.

It shall be the responsibility of the superintendent to determine the amount of cash necessary for each day's operations and to comply with this policy.


Legal Reference:         Iowa Code § 279.8 (1995).


Cross Reference:        701.1  Depository of Funds

                                  704     Revenue


Approved:    6/9/97                 Reviewed:        10/00                  Revised: 12/21