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711.10 Bus Route Operations


Bus routes must be as efficient and economical as possible under existing conditions.  The following guidelines will help provide the parameters through which routes will be provided.

  1. A route shall provide a load of at least 75 percent of capacity.
  2. Riding time, under normal conditions, shall not exceed seventy-five (75) minutes for high school students and sixty (60) minutes for elementary/middle school students.
  3. Bus routes shall be established to provide service only to legally designated pupils.Special consideration will be given to those eligible students who, because of physical or mental handicap, are unable to ride the regular route bus safely.
  4. A teacher or employee may ride a route bus provided there is room, permission is granted, and a basic fee assessed.
  5. Each route shall be reviewed annually for safety hazards.

Other considerations:

  1. Buses shall stay on public roads unless safety is enhanced by entering a private road, and the private road is adequately maintained by owner.
  2. Buses shall stop at all designated stops unless the riders have called in advance to inform the driver that a stop is not necessary.


Approved:    2/01                      Reviewed:         12/21